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Corfu Walks - Easy Walks

Many people ask me for short walks. I decided to list here a couple which should take 1 ½ to 2 hours. As we are on the flat, and they go up into the foothills of mount Pantocrator there are parts which will be a bit steep for the unfit, but worth the effort.

REMEMBER to take water, wear sensible shoes and wear a hat, and don’t forget your camera!

The walks all start from the same road, walking in from the pump; the roundabout outside the Pumphouse Restaurant, onto the old village, or back road.

Take the first right just after the small bridge, and beside the Dandalo Hotel.

There is a gentle flat start to your walk up the valley which in Spring is alive with fireflies. Wending into the olive tress, crossing what in winter are small fords, the road now starts to head up hill where the olive trees have been heavily pollarded but are already showing signs of new growth. This road is lined with wild flowers and orchids in the spring, and tortoises often amble across the road. You will see a newly cut track to your left which heads for a line of tall cypress trees. Have a look, hidden here lies the ruins of a magnificent stone Venetian manor house with a small private church.

Pressing on up the hill to a T junction at the top, it joins the road which links Aghios Panteleimonas and Aghios Martinos. In front of you, you will notice the distinctive aroma of an olive press, which only functions in the winter months.

Option 1

Turn left and the road descends into an olive grove. After approximately 250 m there is a narrow tarmac lane to the left – take this. Walk past the collection of wrecked cars and the track will start to take you out of the trees into scrubby land with small holm oak trees.

Rounding a bend by some old houses, where a (penned) dog with a healthy bark loudly guards his chickens, a magnificent view over the eastern end of the bay opens out before you. The track once again descends down into the olives trees before coming back into “civilization”. Keep left as you come down the hill to the school and the road then comes out back on the old village road opposite the Theritas taverna.

Turn left to get back to the pump.

Option 2

Turn right at the olive press and the road wends up through some sharp bends into the village of Strongili. Look back at Acharavi from the  big Oak tree on the bend. The other side of the village the road descends a little into shadier olive trees till, near a small group of houses, the road turns VERY sharply down to the right. It is signposted Acharavi. Walking down, the road is steepish, and soon opens out into a wonderful view across the valley to the old Venetian manor house.

A little further down there is left turn which would take you up the old church in Panteleimonas. Pass this and the road becomes flatter just before it comes out on the main Acharavi/Episkepsi road where you turn right and after approx 300m you will come out at the big Dimitra supermarket. Turn right again to get back to the pump.

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Option 3

Following option 2 to the first Acharavi turning but pass the turning and carry on past a well with an icon with its permanently burning candle. Approx 2 kms from the olive press is another turning right, down to Acharavi which will take you past the Aghios Panteleimonas church, which has a fiesta every July. There is a pretty walk down through the trees passing some lovely old houses.

It comes out at the bottom of the hill and joins the road that comes down to the village from the turning followed in option 2.

Turn right, and at the T junction right again and at the Dimitra supermarket turn right again to get back to the pump.