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Greece is only just beginning to recycle. Educationally they are behind the rest of Europe on this issue.

The BLUE BINS are for recyclable rubbish. You do not need to separate it, it is sorted at the depot.

Please also understand on the matter of general rubbish that Greece has been projected some 50 years into the future by tourism. People here subsisted. They recycled out of necessity; turning old tyres into buckets and cheap shoes for barefoot children, using old feta tins as flower pots and a building material for chicken sheds. They had no real rubbish, nothing was packed in plastic, they could not afford tins of things, and the local shop did not give away plastic bags with every single item. They did not have washing machines and cookers to dispose of when they finally broke down. No real provision for this kind of disposal has been made until lately. The locals themselves are only just beginning to see the results of their abandoning rubbish in gullies.

Please help with their education; refuse to take plastic bags from the supermarket unless you have to, buy returnable beer bottles instead of cans, show by example putting rubbish in bins.

Water here is supplied from artesian wells, we are lucky these days we rarely turn on the tap and find no water. When I first came here we had water only between 2 and 4 am in August! Please use the water sparingly, this is an island and abuse of the water is leading to a drastic drop in our water table.

You will see the lights dim when your hot water boiler cuts in, electricity here is hit and miss and it cannot deal with the excessive demands of air conditioning units and a massive influx of extra people in high season and this often leads to cuts. Please do your bit by using as little as possible, switch off lights and water boilers when not in use. Lights left on attract mosquitoes anyway!

Be sensitive about noise pollution. Everyone has varying reasons for going on holiday; some like to party all night, some are having a long deserved rest with early nights high on the agenda! Acharavi is primarily a family resort.

Please think of others at night so that they (especially young children) can enjoy their holiday too.

Do enjoy shopping till you drop, but do not encourage destruction of natural habitats by buying shells, dried sea horses, and coral. Buying some items from endangered species is actually illegal; like ivory, reptile skin products, coral, turtle and tortoise shell. Please help to restore the balance of nature.

It is not unusual to see scrawny stray dogs and cats. This is really a cultural problem. Until recently people only kept dogs to protect chickens, they had to earn their living for scraps. Spaying and neutering was unheard of, puppies were abandoned and of course those dogs bred too.

Cats are for killing rats and are farm cats not pets and again breed prolifically. We are trying to raise support for “The Ark”. and “Care” two worthwhile animal charities, trying first, to control the problem by spaying and neutering strays, and initiating feeding programs, where possible they also find homes.

Acharavi - Environmental Issues

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